Use Wigs to Inspire Your New Look for the New Year!

The following is a guest post by Colleen Cheney, Chief Fashion Stylist, Wig.com

Looking to make a fresh start for 2011? Now is the perfect time for you to update your look with this season’s “must-have” hair styles.  I’m sure you’re also looking for ways to cut down the amount of time spent each day on achieving a fabulous “hair do.” My suggestion to find your stress-free, new look for the New Year, is to try out a wig. 

Now that it’s 2011, it’s time to debunk the myth that wigs are only for those who need them, and instead, embrace this easy way to change up your look every day.   In fact, we just recently announced some fabulous ways to update your look for the New Year through wigs.  In only a few minutes, you can don a pre-styled wig that will instantaneously liven up your look (while leading your girlfriends to believe that you spent hours in front of the mirror).  With today’s wigs available in a wide variety of luxe looks in a vibrant selection of colors, textures and styles, there are so many offerings available for you to spruce up your look at the drop of a hat!

One hair style “must-have” for this season is a layered look with side-swept bangs.  In fact, one of the perks of side-swept bangs is that the style will draw attention to and highlight your eyes.  Wig.com’s Jenna is an excellent example of a wig that will allow you to achieve this look in a flash, and will ensure that you are showered in compliments! Another wavy style, the Juliet, is available in several exciting colors, including: Iced Champagne, Honey Blonde and Light Blonde colors. Wigs also provide the chance for you to break free from the constraints of your natural color and try an entirely new shade, without subjecting your locks to chemicals and dyes.

Wigs provide the fastest, easiest and most affordable way for you liven up your look.  So, what are you waiting for?  Find the style of wig that works for you that will help you achieve your irresistible new “do”!


  1. Many people who suffers from hair problem was so happy when wig invented, wig is cheaper than a hair treatment and you can see almost no difference, you can still be beautiful or handsome. It will also boost your self-confidence.

  2. Hi Cobra Bracelet. Thanks for your comments. Yes, wigs have become a necessity for some, especially those who need a temporary or quick-fix, or cannot afford hair treatments. Wigs have come along way, becoming much more realistic. I also find that wigs can be a fun way to change a look just for a night or a weekend.