A Beautiful Inspiration Day!

Pacifica, CA
Yesterday, the family went to the coast...yay!
You all know how I feel about the ocean. And if you don't, well let's just say, I think it Rocks! (no pun intended)

We headed to Maverick's because I heard the waves were ridiculously huge. I was not disappointed at all that it was completely blown out and there was no surf contest. It was still fantastic. And inspirational.

I  always meet God at the ocean. He's always there. After all, he created that powerful, majestic ocean that soothes my soul. I got a healthy dose of Spiritual inspiration. And salt air.

We stopped by Oceano, a quaint little place, where we had a wonderful lunch, and I was inspired, yet again. Planes were landing at the small strip nearby, which made me want to go rent a plane and fly, just so I could land there. There were several artists painting the local scenery around the harbor. They made me want to come home and dig out my brushes and paint something. I haven't done that in a while.

So what did YOU do yesterday? Anything inspirational?
Please leave me a comment and share.

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