Work of Art: The Secret to Model Hair

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Work of Art: The Secret to Model Hair

How you can get runway ready

Let’s face it. We can’t always look like we’re straight off the Marchesa runway. With our 40-plus hour work weeks, the kids’ soccer practice, and finding time for ourselves, there’s absolutely no time left over to work on styling our hair for hours a day.
After lusting after runway hair this week, EndlessBeauty.com sat down with hair extraordinaire (and award-winning stylist) Lecia Harkins, of Russ & Co. Hair Salon to find out how to get runway ready ourselves. Why DO models have such great hair, what goes on behind the scenes, and how we can take those styles and make them our own every day style? With over 20 years of hair and makeup experience, rest assured her advice is golden.

Why A Model’s Hair Looks So Great

You’re probably thinking models have perfectly clean tresses as they walk the runway in designer clothing. That’s not exactly the case. Lecia gave us some great insider tips for prepping our hair for the runway.
Day-old Hair. Lecia told us that having ‘day-old’ hair is always a must. The right amount of dirty makes the hair easier to style. If your hair is too clean, it runs the risk of not being able to hold curls, or any other style you’re attempting.
Dry Hair. In order to start any kind of styling, your hair must be thoroughly dry. Wet, and even damp, hair won’t style.
Lots of Product. Lecia advised us that the more product you use in your hair, the better. A working spray should be used for every section before styling it. Once it’s styled, Lecia recommends using a firm-hold hair spray to lock in your look.

Behind the Scenes

One can assume that behind the scenes at Fashion Week is mayhem. And you would be right. Lecia is no stranger to runway shows, often doing three different hair styles on one model between different clothing changes.
Lecia told us that it’s always important to honor the certain look each designer wants to achieve. In some cases, they want the hairstyle to complement and be a piece of the outfit, and in other cases, they want the head and face to disappear, so only the outfit is obvious to the audience.
In cases of couture shows where the clothing is elaborate, Lecia says, “more than likely the hair is going to look like a piece of art,” just like the clothing lines do. The hair styles are usually amped up with volume, and often, the same geometric shape as the dress. Lecia also points out that THIS KIND OF hair should have “absolutely zero mobility. My models can jump in the lake and water ski and come out looking untouched.”
Not looiking for hair hair art? You may want to mimic more of the style at shows like bridal shows, where Lecia tells us they’re all about “soft, romantic hair. Curlers go back after each walk and the curls are re-pinned to make sure they maintain the curl.”

Everyday Model Hair Styles

According to Lecia, the top three hair styles she frequently sees at shows are totally wearable by non-models, without a team of stylists. Here are her top three runway hair looks:
Lucky for our readers, we have videos that explain just what to do to achieve your runway-ready look. The takeaway from Lecia? Decide what look you want, start with day-old hair, and use the right products! Whether your look is minimalist or work-of-art, you can look fresh from the runway!
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photo credit: Fabio Pettinari, DSquared Runway

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