Top 3 Questions Regarding Salon Products

A previous post about Salon Only Products spurred quite a conversation about the differences between Salon Products and that Over-the-Counter stuff.  Below are the top 3 questions I received.

 Is there really a difference between salon products and supermarket brands?
Yes, there really is a difference between the two. Although many supermarket brands advertise that the ingredients are the same as salon products, those ads are misleading.
Salon products contain high-end ingredients, which have a greater benefit to the hair, but also add to the higher price tag. The store brands are made up of the less expensive, lower-end ingredients.

Often store brands contain wax-based ingredients. 
Initially this will make the hair feel soft, but over time add a buildup that will weigh hair down and make it flat! There is really nothing beneficial to coating the hair with a wax. Eventually, you're left with limp, lifeless, dull hair.

The alternative to the wax-based products is a product high in alkalinity.  
Most over the counter shampoos are very high in alkalinity.
Our hair likes the more acidic side of a pH scale. Using products higher in alkalinity can swell the hair shaft, adding fullness. (perm solution is generally alkaline, by the way) However, the hair will become dry, fly-away, damaged, and unruly.

Can I safely purchase salon products in the supermarket or warehouse store?
Although many salon-only products are available in your local drug store or warehouse store, you should never purchase them outside of a salon. Why? Salon-only products are meant to come with a professional recommendation and with that, a guarantee. Salons can return their product to the manufacturer, if necessary, unlike a warehouse store.
Manufactuers will not take back diverted product. Read more about diversion.

The other factor to keep in mind, is that salon-only products found outside a salon may not contain what they say they do. I have a personal experience purchasing product at a street fair and found the product inside the bottle was not what I was purchasing at all, but instead had been replaced with something unknown. The moral is: you never can tell! Play it safe and ask for a salon professional recommendation.

Won't the stylist PUSH the products that will make her the most commission?
It really has nothing to do with commission.
If you have a regular stylist, chances are you trust your stylist. Your stylist wants to give you the proper product recommendation for two good reasons:

One of the reasons is that you can easily duplicate your salon experience when using the same products your stylist uses.

The second reason is that you are a walking "billboard" for your stylist. Using the appropriate shampoos, conditioners, and styling products will help you look your best at all times, ensuring a great referral!

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