I Want to DYE...

When I was younger, I worked in a restaurant. I was told never use the word RAG within ear-shot of any customers. Instead, I was instructed to use the term  TOWEL, as it was much more appropriate.

There are also a few terms that seem negative, derogatory, or just plain inappropriate when used in a salon setting. After all, the salon is all about beauty and niceties, right?

Here are a few terms you may have heard and their more acceptable alternatives:

• Some clients want to DYE their hair. That sounds so
   final. And morbid. 
   Acceptable term: TINT or COLOR

• Some manicurists PAINT nails.  Paint a house or a 
   watercolor, not fingernails. 
   Acceptable term: POLISH

• Some stylists CUT your hair. Seems painful and dangerous.
   Acceptable term: SHAPE

Have you heard a salon pro use any of the questionable terms above? Did you even give the words a second thought?  Do you think it matters, or do you believe anyone even picks up the negative connotation of certain terms? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.

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