This Week's Makeup Finds

I really like playing with makeup.
I get to try a lot of different looks on clients, but I have a lot of fun trying new colors on myself, too. Especially when I discover a new "keeper" for my own makeup palette.

Recently, I received some samples from TerraFirma Cosmetics. The description of the package says they are made from pure minerals and are without harsh chemical dyes, additives, waxes, talc, or fillers. I had to try them and found some "keepers".

I love the Finishing Powder, called Airbrush Finishing Powder.

Very nice finish, not to "powdery" and the color is perfect to lock-in makeup on many lighter skintone.

The Eye Shadow Trio, called Neutral Plums is my new favorite. Great Staying Power! Three shades give the perfect blending of color from your lid to your brow bone.

This trio includes:

Chocolate Diamonds
Pink Pearl

Trios are great because they give you the lid color (the midrange neutral), the contour color (darkest or crease color), and the brow bone color (the highlighter). But don't worry if your favorite shade doesn't come in a pre-packaged trio. You can use that color to create your own trio, choosing colors which are lighter and darker within the same tonal family.

TerraFirma has a lot of color choices when it comes to Eye Shadows and powder foundations. You can also use them wet or dry, giving you more creative freedom.
Many of these colors can also be used on lips and cheeks!
To make them easy to find, these TerraFirma Cosmetics are now available on their website.

Have you found a new favorite Eye Shadow or Finishing Powder you would like to share? Please leave a comment.

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