Hot Beauty Tip

Feel like the Shampoo and Conditioner you usually use and love just aren't working for you anymore?


Just CLARIFY your hair with a chelating shampoo. 
(once a week, in place of your regular shampoo)

Even the best professional products build up in the hair over time. Build-up needs to be removed in order to return hair to its most fabulous state.

The super-cleansing effects of clarifying your hair:

 • Your favorite shampoo and conditioner will begin to work again like they did when you first used them.

• With Build-Up removed, you now have bright, build-up-free hair

My Choice – Tressa Remove All Plus Shampoo
Why? I like the fact that one shampoo will remove all impurities, chemicals, and buildup, while leaving color intact. The longer you leave the lather, the cleaner your hair gets! There is also a brightening agent in this shampoo that will help enhance blonde and get rid of yellowing in gray hair, without turning hair blue.

Do you clarify your hair regularly? What do you use? Please leave a comment and share, as we all love choices and welcome your tips!

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