Guys Who Like Long Hair

Delaney Manning, Actor and Client

What’s the deal with guys who like long hair?

It's daddys who want their little girl to have long hair. It's boyfriends or husbands who have voiced their appreciation for the longer locks.

Have you casually mentioned to your man that you were going to your hair appointment, only to have him remind you not to cut it too short?

This is not unusual.

I often have husbands or boyfriends hover around my chair while I cut the hair of their child or significant other. But WHY is he hovering? It makes the client nervous. Heck, it ruffles my feathers a bit, too.

Is he trying to intimidate me? What if I make a wrong move. Will he know?
What will he do? Will he reach out and stop me if I go too far?
Just what is this guy thinking?!

Here is what I ask my clients:
How often does he run his hands through your hair? 
Rarely if ever, you say?
Does he wash, blowdry, and style your hair for you? 
Then what’s his deal? 

What is this Long Hair partiality? Many have pondered this question. Some have even written about it. Read this example.   I am not sure if I agree with the guy who wrote that article. Maybe you do.

Have you experienced this proclivity for men to love long hair? Has it made a difference what he thinks when you get your hair done? Share your experience here in the comments. 

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