What is Argan or Moroccan Oil?

I have used Oil from Morocco in the Salon for the past few years. It is great for a lightweight shine and color protector for the hair. It smooths and softens the hair and skin. Using very little at a time, it lasts and I get great results!
I have so many clients with fine hair. Their biggest complaint is that products are too heavy, especially the products that add shine. Oil from Morocco, otherwise known as Argan Oil, is a perfect solution.

A little history (taken from Wikipedia) : Argan Oil is derived from the Argan Tree, which grows in the western Mediterranean region.  Sourced from only 2-3 seeds per fruit, the oil is produced by several women's co-operatives in southwest Morocco,  and the process is done by hand, which explains the high value placed on this oil. 
All that history stuff is interesting, but what is the BEAUTY benefit? 
Some of the benefits: 
• Protects the skin from harsh environmental factors
• Has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties
• Contains Vitamin E and Essential Fatty Acids 
• A facial moisturizer, diminishing the look of fine lines
• A lightweight body oil
• A great bath oil
• Hair repair - add shine and relieve frizz
• Soften hands

I recently found 100% Argan Oil by Kahina Giving Beauty 
The Ingredients: 100% organic Argan Oil, personally sourced in Morocco.
I RECOMMEND trying this ultra-light oil for your hair, skin, and nails! You can find it here in my Shop
There are other brands of  Oil from Morocco, or Argan Oil out there. Some I have used.Most I have liked. Some are not 100% Argan Oil, however.  I will gladly give you the brand names -just ask in the comment form below. 

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