The Magic Pick

Behold, the Magic Pick. 

It's the wide-toothed, clunky, funky, serious hair tangle-tamer, extra big volume maker, and the oh-so-fashionable back pocket accessory. 

You remember this pick don't you? You may still even have one at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Well, if you do, you own a great hair tool. 

Here are three uses for the pick:

A great hair detangler
The wide-set teeth of the pick make it perfect for detangling wet hair. When too much tension is placed on it, Wet hair will stretch and snap, causing breakage. The bristles on a brush are so close together that they grab the hair and won't let go, even against a knot. The pick, on the other hand, will glide through wet hair, gently separating the hair and, like magic, triumph over knots and tangles. As you can imagine, the pick will cause much less damage and is a much safer choice for detangling wet hair. 

A magic volume styler
Because of its wide-set teeth, the pick is a great way to fluff volume into the hair. Use it as you would a teasing comb. You will get the desired lift without the "ratty" finish. Use it to separate curls. My clients love their picks for adding volume - from the little bump in the crown to the big, giant party hair! Just remember when using your pick to actually PICK the hair (with the ends of the teeth), not rake through it. You will see fullness appear, like magic! The best part of adding volume with a pick is if you over "do" the teasing with your pick, you can easily un "do" it.

A serious babe-magnet
Ok, not really. Although this may have been true in the late 70's and early 80's, its not really true anymore. So if this is why you still own your pick, you can throw it out now. Seriously.

How long has it been since you thought about the pick?
Now that you know that there are really some legitimate reasons to keep that pick in your drawer, you can admit you own it and actually start using it! Have you ever used your pick as a hair tool? Has it always been just an accessory? (I hope not.) 
What  ways do you use your magic pick? Please share!

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