Gluten-Free Macaroons

Not all macaroons are created equal. Some are full of saturated fat, refined sugar, and preservatives. Taken in moderation, these ingredients may be OK, but if you love chocolate and macaroons like I do, you may tend to eat more  than you should.

Needless to say, I was jazzed when I stumbled across these beauties - Gluten Free and Organic Cacao Macaroons!

This may seem a bit off topic to you. Well, health and beauty go hand-in-hand. And I have encountered many people lately who are sensitive to Gluten in their food.

What is Gluten and why is it important?

Gluten is attached to the starch in Wheat.  More and more individuals are finding that they have Wheat or Gluten allergies, which cause a number of health issues, including breakouts of the skin and trouble with digestion. Isn't this beauty related?

A lot of yummy treats have Wheat as a base, making those with Gluten allergies feel left out. Not these little gems. Emmy's Organics  has a number of macaroon flavors including:

Yes, they are an indulgence, but don't you deserve it? I just had to share these perfect little treats with you. And I'm really excited  that they are now available in my shop!

If you suffer from Wheat or Gluten allergies, don't skip treats altogether. Give yourself or a fellow chocolate lover the gift of Gluten-Free Cacao Macaroons!

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