How'd They Do That? How to Style Your Hair Like a Celebrity

Ever see a celebrity and wonder, "How'd they get their hair to do that?" What brush did they use? Which curling iron?

Ok, chances are that they didn't even do their own hair. It was their hair fairy who sprinkled magic dust on them just before they hit the Red Carpet or posed for that photo.

When clients pop into the salon with a picture of a celebrity in-hand, I take time to explain how the celebrity got that style and what steps we may need to take to get the same results.

But what if you need that style TONIGHT and you don't have an appointment?!

Not to worry, my pretties, there's a great website that explains Celebrity Hairstyling step-by-step. The Hairstyler.com  is a great site to see yourself with the same hairstyles as the celebrities you adore. View Female Celebrity Hairstyles at TheHairStyler.com! and see how they explain products, tools, and techniques. It is actually very informative and fun!

And for you gentlemen who want to have a celebrity hairstyle - View yourself with the same styles as male celebs.

TheHairstyler.com also allows you to try on different hair colors, cuts, and styles before you make that commitment to changing your look. I have used a similar system in the past and it was fun to see what I'd look like as a blonde, with short hair, etc.

Although much of what you can do on The Hairstyler.com is FREE, the catch for uploading your own photos and changing your style is a small membership fee. But, with your membership, you can view yourself in many of the most popular and celebrity hair styles.

Have you tried The Hairstyler.com? Let me know how about your experience. Did you purchase a membership? Is there value in the service? Leave a comment here and share!

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