Go Inspire Beauty is Partnering with OpenSky!

8/9/12- UPDATE
I am no longer partnering with OpenSky. I still love the products I found there and promoted. 
I apologize for an inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you to those of you who shopped in my store.

I am pleased to announce that Go Inspire Beauty has an exciting new partnership with OpenSky! 
What is OpenSky?
OpenSky is an online community of shopkeepers who are specially selected because they have a passion for their area of expertise - mine is BEAUTY! 
OpenSky is a platform for these trusted individuals to recommend products to consumers, based on their personal experiences. Visitors will find experts and items in all areas of interest - everything from beauty & fashion to cooking, pets, sports, and more. 
Go Inspire Beauty is honored to have joined OpenSky in its early stages and pleased to be among the experts in the Beauty Industry. In the Go Inspire Beauty Shop you will find personally recommended health and beauty products that will benefit you. I will only promote products I believe in. The Go Inspire Beauty Shop will be an addition to my blog and is a way to pass along my favorite products, which you can access right here through the blog. 
Of course, I won't just be recommending products I love. I will continue to post the same great content with how-to's, professional beauty advice, and tips as always.
The Go Inspire Beauty Shop will launch on OpenSky on August 10, 2010! Please watch the countdown clock to the right and join me in the OpenSky! 
If you are a potential seller or supplier , research how you, too, can join the OpenSky community.

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