Dr. Gram Skincare-a product review

The following is a product review for which I was compensated in products. I will always give my honest opinion in any review, regardless of how I obtained a product.

I was flattered when I was contacted by Dr. Gram Skincare via my Twitter account to review their skincare line. I said yes for a few reasons:

I am always willing to try products with great ingredients and a great story. Dr. Gram has both.

Also, Dr. Gram is based in San Diego, my hometown. Gotta support the locals!

I was very impressed with the fact that Dr. Gram sent me full-sized bottles of each product for review. In my opinion, there would really be no other way for me to try the line and get REAL results, unless I used it for awhile. But most companies don't send full-size samples. I just found it very generous.

By the way, the Designer in me was very impressed with the beautiful packaging. Well done, Dr. Gram.

Having used Dr. Gram Skincare for the last month, I am now ready to begin my review of the product line.

This review will come in two parts: The first part will be my overall opinion and results with the line. The second part will be another post listing my favorite products in the line.

Dr. Gram Skincare - Review, Part 1

My skin is DRY. I need extra moisture and care for my aging skin. And let's face it, when any product claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines - I'm gonna try it! I must say that I am really liking what I see in the mirror after a month of using Dr. Gram Skincare.

I have been using the Orange line, for all skin types. The Blue line is clarifying, and more for acne-prone and oily skin types.

As is typical with a change in skincare, I had the initial breakout. My skin was purifying itself and going through that adjustment to new product. It lasted a few weeks, which was not so great. But, after the first week, I tried using the clarifying mask and it took care of the blemishes within days.

I can really see a difference in the tone of my skin after using the Daily Scrub. The dull, grayish skin is gone and I have a definite peachy glow to my complexion: A very noticeable and welcomed change.

The Daily Moisturizer claims to even skintone and not feel oily. It does what it claims. I usually have a lot of redness in my skin, which has definitely improved and evened out. My skin feels soft and dewey, but not greasy or oily.

The Eye Rescue is kind of miraculous. The retail price will tell you so. BUT, if it works this great, cost shouldn't matter, right? It claims to diminish dark circles, puffiness and discoloration. It does all of those things. I see brighter, tighter skin under and around my eyes. (I can actually feel the skin firm up when I apply the Eye Rescue) No dark circles or redness. Very impressive. Fine lines are seriously diminished. Woot!

I shared the Clarifying line with a family member prone to breakouts. I didn't see him for a few weeks, but when I did, I noticed a serious improvement in the color, texture, and clarity of his skin. And, I know for a fact that he does not use the product twice a day, everyday, as directed. Imagine the improvement if he did!
His only complaint is that the product has a "funky" odor. After reading the ingredients list, I realize that the odor is probably from the combination of plants, herbs, and fruit extracts in the products.

Overall, I really like Dr. Gram Skincare. I was very dedicated to another professional skincare line, but that company changed the rules about who can carry their products. It is much harder to get than it used to be. So, I may have just found my new skincare line, thanks to Dr. Gram!

I look forward to posting Part 2 of this review and sharing my favorites in the line.


  1. Good skin care products that do exactly what women want them to do are hard to come by. It's not that most of the offerings don't do most of what we want but there's usually some drawback-either the scent is off or it's too greasy or something.

    However that is what makes really good products such a great gift. The person who gets them will appreciate them.

  2. Hi Unique gifts. Thankis for stopping by. I share your sentiments that it is sometimes difficutlt to find the perfect product for each person's specific needs. Trial and error seems to be the best way. But starting with a professional recommendation is usually best

  3. Thank you!!! This was exactly the information I needed! looks like a pretty good product skin care . thanks for the giveaway and review! :)