Summer Protection for your Haircolor

We all know the importance of protecting our skin from the damaging effects of the sun's rays.

Well, UV protection is not just for the skin. Did you know that it is important to protect your hair from the harsh Summer elements, as well?

Haircolor needs Summer protection!

Do you spend time at the beach or poolside in the Summer? Do you just love to swim in the ocean or pool? Do you hesitate because you have color treated hair?

Chlorine – Pools with chlorine can strip color, dry the hair out, and probably the most well-known damage is the "Chlorine Green" that shows up on the hair after a few days in the pool. Using a chelating shampoo or treatment like Redken's Color Extend Sun After Sun Shampoo right after swimming will help pull out those unwanted chemicals and can help repair damage.

Salt Water – Salt is the enemy of tint. As a matter of fact, many salon professionals actually use salt to clean color from color bottles. Yikes! And you swim in the ocean?!

Nobody panic...it doesn't have to be the end of your haircolor. You must take the proper steps to ensure minimal fading. Sun haircare products such as Redken's Color Extend Sun Solor Screen (SPF 12) can add a barrier of protection to the surface of the hair, protecting from UV damage and helping to slow the weathering effects of sun and surf. Use it before, during, and after you swim while at the beach. (Don't forget, the air along the coast contains ample amounts of salt, too.)

How much time do you spend by the beach or pool in the Summer? Have you protected your hair and haircolor, as well as your skin? What do you use for ultimate UV protection? Please leave a comment and share your knowledge!

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