Summer Getaways and Cheating on Your Hair Stylist

Are you planning a Summer Getaway? Have you planned properly?

You may have packed your bags, purchased your tickets, reserved a room at a hotel, but have you planned for your hair?

If you haven’t planned for your hair, going on vacation or escaping for a weekend getaway may leave you in a pickle: It may leave you searching for a place to have your hair done - by a total stranger.  Have you ever cheated on your Hair Stylist in this way?

If you have planned this trip correctly, you will have made an appointment with your salon professional before you leave town. If not, you risk being stuck in a strange salon with stranger hairdressers. (I’ve heard stories…)  And what if you have an important event or even, dare I say it, roots? Is this really the time to try a new colorist?

Don’t take chances with your gorgeous hair. When you make those Summer plans, make sure they include a trip to your favorite salon, before you leave town!

Have you ever cheated on your Hair Stylist while out of town? What was the outcome? Was it a horrible disaster or a pleasant surprise? Please leave a comment and share your experience.

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