Flat Iron, Hair Damage, and Repair

I want gorgeous hair! I love to Flat Iron my hair, but it seems to damage it. Why?

Let’s get (sorta) scientific.

Your hair is made up of bonds. Bonds are chain-like elements inside your hair that make it curl, keep it straight, and/or give it its strength.

When you break the bonds of the hair by styling with a Flat Iron, you can reform your hair’s shape, but it creates damage. Slight damage can be repaired with proper products. But break those bonds enough, and the damage is irreparable.

What exactly breaks the bonds of the hair?

            •  Water
            •  Heat
            •  Chemicals

Do you wash your hair with water? Most of us do. You may be surprised to know that you break down bonds whenever you get your hair wet. Those bonds, however, reform once the hair is dried.

Do you dry your hair with heat? Do you use a curling iron or flat iron? You can change the shape of your hair without chemicals by adding heat. You can get curl from straight hair with a round brush and blow dryer or a curling iron. You can staighten curly hair by adding a flat iron or smoothing the hair while blow drying.

Of course, these are temporary changes to the make-up of your hair. Once you wash your hair, it returns to its original form.

Do you perm or color your hair? Chemicals give you a more lasting change. Processing the hair with a permanent wave or texture wave can alter the shape of the hair for months at a time. Hair color is also damaging to the hair, and can result in altering the bonds. The most damage is done using these chemical processes.

Remember that anytime the hair is damaged, it is important to repair the hair. Using a reconstructive conditioner regularly, like Redken’s CAT, can help build up the strength in your hair and repair some of the damage. A weekly hair masque, or deep moisturizing treatment, like Redken's Real Control Overnight Treat, can also help soften the hair and add shine.

*Tip: without enough protein, the hair will not hold moisture. Make sure you are using both types of treatments for maximum benefit.

So, if you want gorgeous hair, do what you must with the styling tools, chemicals, and color. Just remember that you must also repair the damage. 

How do you repair your hair? What are your favorite products to add strength and shine back to your hair?

Image Credit: Copyright by Alexander Hafemann - http://www.istockphoto.com/mlenny/


  1. I still LOVE using Redkin's CAT!!! I haven't tried the overnight treat, I must get it!

  2. Hey my beautiful Meghan! Glad to hear it. I haven't found any better treatment than CAT in all my years either! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Love and hugs to you, too.Love your blog!