This Little Piggy-The Mani/Pedi

Do You Mani/Pedi?
 If you are asking yourself, “What is Mani/Pedi?,” then you may never have soaked your toes in a foot-bath or bathed your fingers in a finger-bowl.
If you have not, your little piggies are missing a real treat.

It’s not that the Mani/Pedi (otherwise known as a manicure and pedicure) is life and death or even life-altering, but it is a pampering that you should not miss.

The hands and the feet take so much abuse. Think about all you put yours through everyday. The manicure will soften those cuticles, moisturize your hands and arms, and polish those nails to perfection. The manicure is especially important for those who have a hard time growing their nails. Regular manicures will stimulate growth and result in stronger, healthier nails.

The feet need extra special attention. How often do you slough the hard, dead skin off your feet? If you are like most people, then you probably rarely spend time on your feet. Why not have a professional take that extra care of your feet? Get rid of calluses, soften your heals, and clean up your toenails. Finish your pedicure with color on those nails, making for the perfect sandal feet!

Summer is a great time to try a Manicure and Pedicure. Most salons, including mine, have specials for purchasing both services at the same time. Ours is $55 for both or a Pedicure for $35! (June-July special)

Do you Mani/Pedi? Why do you do it? How often do you do it? Please leave a comment and share with all the other beauties! 

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