Client Profiling for Consistency

In the Salon Industry, the client is King. (or Queen) The client's needs and wishes should always come first, as this is a personal service industry. From the first greeting to the final goodbye, every appointment should be a reflection of PERSONAL SERVICE to the client.

How do we make sure our clients are happy?
I have found over the years that clients desire consistency in service. If they have to guess what they will get every time they come for a haircut, they may decide to find a new salon home. I don't have many clients that like surprises when it comes to beauty services.

So then, how do we remain consistent with our service to each individual client?

Here is an easy solution: Keep a Client Profile Card on each and every client. Yes, that means even the JUST A HAIRCUT clients, as well.

Sounds too easy, right?
Well, you can only repeat that great style if you remember what you did last time. With so many clients coming so often, I can't possibly remember each one. Can YOU?

If you keep detailed notes on your client, you can refresh your memory before each client's visit, to ensure you will be able to replicate that great style, color, or texture wave. (It is crucial to keep these notes on chemical clients)

Trust me when I say, the client won't mind if you take notes during their visit. As a matter of fact, you should include them in the process. Tell them what you are writing down, and ask them if you have forgotten any details that they may want you to remember for their next visit. Engage your client. They will note the personal attention to detail and feel even more special in your chair.

I use a "little black book" which is an organizer for client cards. Most beauty supplies have them in stock. You can also look online for Client Data or Profile Cards or create your own. Mine include all client vitals, such as Name, Phone, Email, Birthday(Not the year. Never ask the year) Dates and Service Details, and finally, Products purchased. Leave a space for notes, as you may need a few lines of detail for each client visit.

If you start with a Client Profile card, you will not only take the guess work out of each client visit, but it will help you will give the client consistent service and create greater client retention.

Do you have another way to remain consistent with your services to clients? Please share!

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