Hair Care for Runners and Other Outdoor Athletes

Do you run for fun?

While it may be fun for you and great for your health, running can be harsh on your hair.

It is important to get outside, get fit, and take care of your body, but it is also important to take care of your hair in the process.

I always recommend covering your head with a hat, not only to protect your hair from the elements, but your skin, as well. This may not always be possible, however, especially during a race or another competitive event.

Adding a few easy steps to your routine could keep your hair as beautiful and healthy as your body.

Running or outdoor activities can leave the hair dirty and full of impurities.
Cleanse - My recommendation to purify the hair of all environmental impurities to help keep hair healthy and shiny: Redken's Color Extend After Sun Shampoo - rids the hair of excess minerals, salt, and even chlorine that may be present in the hair after a good run (and sweat).

Running or outdoor activities can leave the hair dull, dry, and color tends to fade.
Protect - My recommendation to give your hair Sun Protection: Redken's Color Extend Sun Sparkling Shield Leave-In Smoother provides UVA and UVB protection in a water-resistant form. Keep the impurities out and the Color in!

Athletes, remember: don't neglect your hair.  Choose great hair protection so you can be healthy from head to toe!

To find the products listed here and other great professional haircare products, contact Go Inspire Beauty, stop by Hair Galleria, Midtown Sacramento, or visit your local Redken Salon.

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