How to Choose a Hair Stylist

Finding the right Salon Professional to care for your hair is not an easy task. It is a very important undertaking, as your hair often dictates your mood.

Here are a few tips for finding the Right Hair Stylist for your needs.

  1. A Stylist Who Listens. The biggest problem in the industry, in my opinion, is communication. Finding someone who listens to you and applies what you discuss is often difficult. How often do you think you are relaying what You want, only to have the end result be exactly what the Stylist wants? If you feel uncomfortable during the consultation, chances are you will  be unhappy with your hair. Don't be afraid to get up and politely excuse yourself. Listen to your gut.
  2. A Trusted Referral. If you have a friend or family member who always has great hair, find out where they go. Visit their stylist, not just their salon. Many salons, even the less-expensive chain cutteries, often have that hidden gem of a stylist that may be your new Hair Care Professional.
  3. A Great Location. Think practically when choosing a Stylist. Although Rico-the-Magnificent  may have been referred by a close friend, if he works in a salon 50 miles from your workplace or home, it may not be ideal for you. With two or three salons on every block, there are plenty of choices.
Using a referral to find the perfect Hair Care Pro for you is a great idea, but not always possible. Don't be afraid to try something new. Use your instincts and best judgement to guide you. Trust a new Stylist with a haircut first, and if you feel comfortable, ease into color or other chemical services.

What steps do you take to find a new Hair Care Professional? Please Share your experiences with us!

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