3 Tips for Great Holiday Hair

The Holidays are here. Is your hair ready?

Family gatherings are inevitable, and so are cameras. To make sure your hair is presentable for your parties, gatherings and those pictures, here are a few tips.

  • Book your appointment early. You know that this time of year is the busiest time in the salon. So, chances of getting a last minute appointment with your stylist, or ANY stylist, is probably slim. Booking early is especially important If you want to freshen up your color or you need any treatment that takes longer than an hour. Taking care of you first will put your mind at ease and free you up to get that last minute shopping done.
  • Stick to a style you know. If it works, don't fix it at the Holidays! You may have been thinking about a new style. But as I generally recommend for any new style, it is best to try it when there is not a pressing event or gathering. The Holidays are stressful for many people. The last thing you want is to worry about what to do with a new style, or what others may think. It may be best to postpone your plans for a new "do" until after the holidays. If you need an up-style, it is best to make two appointments - one for practice, and one for the day of the event.
  • Embellish your style with product or hair ornaments. Although it is a risky idea to totally and permanently change a hairstyle before a big event, there are still ways you can make your style POP! Ask your stylist about hair products that add glitter or extra shine. Check to see if they have hair ornaments, jewels, or clip-on hair extensions in bold colors that will add sparkle and dazzle other party-goers. If your appointment is for party hair, bring those clips or hair ornaments with you to ensure the perfect finish to your party style.

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