A New Haircut

You probably expect to see a picture of my new "DO" in this post, right?
Well, it's not really the look of the new haircut that I want to address in this post; it's the way a new look makes you feel.

Have you ever changed your hairstyle and once you left the salon, you couldn't stop touching it, or looking at yourself in every mirror you pass by? I know you have stopped to catch your reflection in a storefront window or maybe even the rear-view mirror of a car. Why? What is it about a fresh look that gives us pause?

As long as I have been a salon professional, I have seen this phenomenon. The client always looks in the mirror after a new cut, but when the cut is a real style change, they must see it from every angle. I would hand them the mirror,  spin the chair around so they could see the back, let them touch it, swing it, or shake it. But it never ends at that point. As they walk through the salon to the exit, they catch their reflection in all mirrors on their way out. It is as if they are making sure the hairstyle is really there and reassure themselves they made the right decision.

I believe there is a renewed attitude that accompanies every fresh haircut, every new look. Whether it is a color change, a style change, or even a new lipstick, we embrace these little improvements. They are meaningful to us, as they make us feel better about ourselves. And isn't that what the salon experience is suppose to do for us?

The fact that Salon Professionals can make us feel better about ourselves is a very powerful thing. And it is the NUMBER ONE reason that I love the industry. It doesn't even matter where the salon is, as long as you are treated like the ONLY client in the world and you feel better when you leave.

A new haircut can make a big difference in your day, week, or even year. Any salon service can make you feel better, because you are taking care of YOU. How long has it been since you visited your stylist? Treat yourself to a personal service in the salon of your choice. You deserve it!

OK. Here is a peek at the new "DO". Now, go get your own!

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