Hair Color Disaster!

Have you been the victim of really bad hair color? Can you relate?
Maybe you had a regrettable experience in the salon, ( I so hope not) or maybe it was a self-inflicted mishap in the privacy of your own bathroom.

No matter where it happened, it is still tragic. You now have to face the mirror, or even worse, the public, in horrified shame.
  1. Will they notice? 
  2. Is it really that bad? 
  3. Can it be fixed?

The answers to your questions are:
  1. Probably
  2. Most likely
  3. Most definitely! 

There is hope for bad hair color!

First and most importantly, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FIX IT YOURSELF!
Seek out a salon professional, specialized in Corrective Color. If you cannot find one, you can visit Redken.com and use the Salon Locator at the top to find a Redken Salon with Color Experts near you. (I use Redken color in both salon locations)

Depending on the color mishap, the condition of your hair may delay immediate color correction. You may need deep conditioning or serious hair reconstruction, before any actual color process can be done. Your haircare professional should know just what you need to get your hair back in shape!

Finally, be prepared and be realistic.

Be prepared to pay good money for professional color correction. It takes extensive knowledge of color theory and application, as well as experience, to gain the confidence to attempt color correction. This does not mean you will have to mortgage your home, but you may need to develop a continuing relationship with the colorist, as you may need more than one appointment to achieve your desired result.

Be realistic enough to understand that it may take more than one all-over color application to correct what was done before. Take the advice of your colorist, as a haircare professional, and condition or reconstruct as advised.

If you find yourself with a Hair Color Disaster, remember it is NOT the end of the world. Seek professional help (from an experienced hair colorist). Get a complimentary consultation, if necessary, (always recommended by me) and determine what steps you may need to get your hair back to Fabulous once again.

For more information on color correction or for a complimentary consultation from Go Inspire Beauty, contact me!


  1. I agree

    The client and the stylist are starting a journey back to great hair and it might take a few visits to get there.

  2. Thank you for your input. Color Correction really is a journey that takes Teamwork! I appreciate your comments. I am now following you on Twitter, as well.