The Red Carpet Effect

After any major awards show, there is much banter about what the stars were wearing. Do you feel like you just cant compete with the notorious Red Carpet?

Do the fashions and hairstyles intimidate you? Be honest. Maybe? Do they seem utterly unattainable?

Well, guess what? The fashions and hairstyles ARE attainable, if you are willing to spend a little time and effort to find them.

•Shop for the fashions online and at designer inspired boutiques.

•Seek out a hair design professional with pictures-in-hand and try a few new styles. Comb through all those fashion magazines, gossip rags, and Internet celebrity sites. Gather as many images as you need. This will aide your Hair Designer in helping you achieve that coveted look.

Now all you need is a glamourous affair, such as a Prom, the Symphony, or the Marine Corps Ball.

Don't be intimidated by that Red Carpet. Instead, use it to gather some great ideas for a stunning new look for your next big event.

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