Perfect Face Shape

What is a perfect face shape? Do you have one? If you have an OVAL face shape, the answer is yes. But, chances are, you are not one who was blessed with the "Universally Perfect Shape". So, what can you do? Choose a hairstyle that creates the "illusion" that your face is an oval.

Choose your face shape below and see the corresponding remedies by simple changes to your style:

• Oblong/Elongated faces - Full Bangs will appear to shorten your long features

• Round faces- Lengthen your face shape by moving hair away from your forehead & brow.Layers on top add volume and complete the illusion of the perfect OVAL

• Heart shaped /Triangle faces - Distract focus from a broad forehead and narrow chin by using bang around the hairline (on both sides) and using layers to create volume around your cheeks and chin

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