Why does my hair grow faster in the Summer?

This is a common question heard by Hair Designers.

It may not necessarily be the warm weather, as much as it is the humidity level.
During the Summer months, humidity levels tend to rise with the temperatures in many areas. In my experience, those living in higher humidity areas experience faster hair growth during those times.

I have no scientific evidence to back up this theory, however, having worked as a Hair Designer on both the East and West Coasts of the United States, I have observed a noticeable difference at the rate in which the hair grows. On the East Coast, where the humidity is much higher during the Summer months, I would see clients much more often, as the hair seems to grow exponentially faster with moisture in the air.

Remember, high humidity may aid in the rate your hair grows, but if you need to keep your style in perfect shape, you will need to visit your salon professional more often under these weather conditions.

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