Salon ONLY Products

Did you know that Salon ONLY products will never be legitimately for sale in a grocery, drug, or retail store? Unless there is a salon in the store, the product is probably there illegally. Diversion is a large problem in the Professional Hair Care industry. Anti-Diversion Task Forces are at work to eliminate the growing problem.

The risk to the consumer?

1. You are not getting a Professional recommendation for these products, should you buy them outside of a salon.Therefore, you have not recourse, if the product should not work for you. They are usually NOT returnable.

2. You may not be getting what the package says. There have been incidents when the consumer found a completely different product inside the bottle purchased.

3. You may never know the age of the product. Most products have a shelf-life, meaning they may not work as they should if they are past their shelf-life.

The one way to guarantee the quality of the products you buy is to ALWAYS buy Professional Salon Products from your salon or haircare professional.

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